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    Scratchmaster B

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    Alright sounds cool.. im looking to come as Flash .. do you know anywhere ,or anyone who might know,where i could get Flash style boots.. this is my first costume and i have no idea where to start

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    Scratchmaster B

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    Hey.. I've seen you at acme comics events black panther last fcd and Isiah Bradley at the marvel sale . I was wondering if you knew what anyone might be going as for free comic book day? I don't want to take someone-else's idea.


    Reply from mrrpm01:

    well as far as costume you can ask Kal El NC or sean as we call him what he has planned.  I am going as Falcon and I am pretty much sure he knows what he has planned so just keep in touch with us and I am sure what ever you have planned will be fine.
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    Boy Wonder

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    Awesome Captain A Mask!